Zion Hill Memorial Singing
Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Henderson, Texas
Sunday, June 24, 2023

Robert Vaughn led 397 as the opening song. Robert Vaughn led the prayer. Today's singing was from the Cooper Revision of The Sacred Harp. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 553; Chris Nicholson 293b, 63, 49t; Charity Vaughn 54t, 59b, 422b; Cory Winters 30t, 31t, 36b; Kim Vaughn 558, 528b, 274t.


Robert Vaughn brought the class back with 48t. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 40; Chris Nicholson 422t, 30b; Charity Vaughn 341, 122; Cory Winter 135, 182; Kim Vaughn 507b, 207b; Robert Vaughn 571, by request.

Memorial Lesson was led by Chris Nicholson and Cory Winter. Cory read the names of the sick and shut in and led 31b: Leon Ballinger, Norma Dickerson, John Morris. Chris Nicholson read the names of the deceased and led 285t: Pat Cates, Charlotte Powell, Cheryl Foreman, Norma Green, Marlon Wootten. Robert led the Memorial Lesson prayer.


Robert Vaughn brought the class back together with 119. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 127; Danny Dunn 500, 501; Chris Nicholson 38t, 32t; Charity Vaughn 339, 164; Cory Winter 268t, 268b; Kim Vaughn 82, 569; Sally Couvillion 573; Robert Vaughn 348t (in memory of Marion Grant), 549 (by request); Danny Dunn 503; Chris Nicholson 401; Charity Vaughn 518; Cory Winter 269, 449. Robert Vaughn led 400 as the closing song. Jake Keeling led the closing prayer.

Last Revised 8/6/2023