Texas State Sacred Harp Convention
Coker United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas
February 25-26, 2023

Saturday, February 25

The 29th annual Texas State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Coker United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas. Vickie Cook called the class to order leading 171. Mike Hinton offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Gary Rogan 418; Tammy Powell 542; Jeb Owen 208; Gaylon Powell 434; Elizabeth Conley 280; Riley Owen 168; Scott Curran 475; Robert Vaughn 500; Vivian Rogan 535; Janie Short 350; David Montgomery 33t; Robert Handel 440; Abby Huckaby 40; Jackson Owen 34b; Lauren Owen 178; Beverly Coates 313; Philip Conley 480; Liz Owen 454.


Gary Rogan called the class to order leading 384. Leaders: Sarah Huckaby 475; Tom Owen 481; Ivy Hauser 131b; Darlene Dalton 146; Mike Hinton 383; Diane Ross 430; Ellee Curran 159; Kristie Powell 142; Hoss Curran 58; Derek Buckland 56B; Abigail Curran 354b; Donald Ross 183; Linda Booker 569b; Catherine Rogan 299; Silas Huckaby 155; Michele Curran 269; Ellen Ray 460; Scott Ivy 192; Criste Taura and Gaylon Powell 268; Janie Short 312b; Inga Buckland 128; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 212; Jeb Owen and Jaxon Ledford 503, 65; Elizabeth Conley 35; Riley Owen 448t. Jeb Owen offered the noon prayer.


Vickie Cook called the class back together leading 49t. The following committees were appointed: Nominating--Vivian Rogan, Katherine Rogan, and Beverly Coates; Memorial--Diane Ross, Michele Curran, and Ivy Houser. Leaders: Lauren Owen 47b; Jackson Owen 410t; Jaxon Ledford 319; Liz Owen 328; Robert Vaughn 235; David Montgomery 276; Philip Conley 122; Scott Ivy 99; Mike Hinton 373; Inga Buckland 413; Robert Handel 489; Darlene Dalton 63 for Syble Adams; Derek Buckland 275.


Vickie Cook called the class back together leading 335. Leaders: Silas Huckaby 134; Ivy Houser 272; Scott Curran 472; Vivian Rogan 84; Ellee Curran 196; Tom Owen 106; Abby Huckaby 203; Kristie Powell and John Moorehead 39t; Michele Curran 504; Hoss Curran 388; Donald Ross 546; Beverly Coates 548; Linda Booker 494; Diane Ross 543; Ellen Ray 48t; Chris Nicholson 162; Sarah Huckaby 163t; Catherine Rogan 318; Gary Rogan 129. Announcements were made of upcoming singings. Vickie Cook 120 for the closing song. Janie Short offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 26

The Sunday session of the Texas State Convention was called to order by Vickie Cook leading 72b. Gaylon Powell offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Gary Rogan 48t; Tammy Powell 217; Gaylon Powell 53; Beverly Coates 283; Vivian Rogan 32t; Garrett Powell 30b; Inga Buckland 47t; Olivia Powell 565; Abby Curran 75; Catherine Rogan 441; Robert Handel 112; Kevin Powell 163b; Darlene Dalton 503; Michele Curran 224; Derek Buckland 48b; Donald Ross 331; Hoss Curran 101t; Ivy Houser 101b; Abby Huckaby 222; Linda Booker 490; Ellee Curran 196. Mike Hinton presented a plaque from The Sacred Harp Publishing Company to honor and express appreciation to loyal supporters and dedicated Sacred Harp singers to Marvin Powell.


Gary Rogan called the class back together leading 176t. Leaders: Kristie Powell 110; Sarah Huckaby 568; Janie Short 442; Scott Curran 200; Diane Ross 344; Silas Huckaby 59; Tom Owen 528; Mike Hinton 527; Chris Nicholson 348; Ellen Ray 33b. A memorial lesson was held. Ivy Houser led 390 for the sick and home bound: Cheryl Forman, Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Syd Caldwell, Virginia Glass and Caroline Wootten. Michele Curran read the names of the decease since the singing last meet: John Beard, Dorothy Price, Cecil "Mac" Hargrove, Marilyn Burkland, Margaret Rounsavall, Bob McLemore, Curtis Owen, Patricia Blevins, Dale Redmon Jr, Gloria Berendzen, Margret Rowell, Sylvia Ross, David Rousseau, Stephen Hutcheson, Tina Beard-Bryant, Leo Stanley, Ruby Morris, Landis Powell, Mary Stanley, Curtis Jones, Myrl Jones, Sue Batson, Beverly Nelms, Charlotte Powell--Texas; Ken Sandburg, Bill Windom, Margaret Spurlock, Coy Ivey, Joan Aldridge, Hubert Nall, Claudene Townsend, Ethel Gilbert, Jimmy Gilbert--Alabama; Philip Denney--Georgia; Ted Mercer--Illinois; Baron Powers--Louisiana; Bill Beverly--Michigan; Lydia Lewellen--North Carolina; Rebecca Over, Martin Williams--United Kingdom. Diane Ross, Michele Curran and Ivy Houser lead 566. Diane Ross offered prayer to close the Memorial lesson. Leaders: Kevin Powell 300; Gaylon Powell 505; Olivia Powell and Abby Huckaby 236; Garrett Powell 178; Kristie Powell 37b; Tammy Powell 454; Beverly Coates, Tom Owen and Diane Ross 153, 176, 497; Vivian Rogan 86; and Inga Buckland 369. Garry Rogan offered the noon prayer.


Vickie Cook called the class back leading 150. Leaders: Catherine Rogan 273; Robert Handel 68b; Darlene Dalton 147t; Michele Curran 95b; Derek Buckland 160b; Donald Ross 499; Hoss Curran 288; Ivy Houser 536; Abby Huckaby 189; Linda Booker 34t; Ellee Curran 142; Sarah Huckaby 299; Janie Short 148; Scott Curran 107; Silas Huckaby 277; Chris Nicholson 473; Ellen Ray 56t; Sara DeTurk 159; Inga Buckland 302; Abby Curran 146; Donald Ross and Diane Ross 30t; Derek Buckland 230; Gary Rogan, Vivian Rogan and Catherine Rogan 36b; Darlene Dalton 480; Ivy Houser 73t; Robert Handel 137. A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected to serve for next year: Chairman--Gary Rogan; Vice Chairman--Scott Curran; Secretary--Tammy Powell; Treasurer--Mike Hinton. A motion was made to stop at 11:45 and come back at 1:15 as the singers have to walk across the church campus for lunch--motion passed. Thanks to the organizers of the convention. Vickie Cook led 69 for the closing song. Tom Owen offered the closing prayer

Chairman--Vickie Cook; Vice Chairman--Gary Rogan; Secretary--Tammy Powell

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