Southwest Texas Convention (Spring Session)
Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, McMahan, Texas
April 29-30, 2023

Saturday, April 29

The 122nd annual Southwest Texas Convention, Spring Session, met Saturday before the fifth Sunday in April 2023, at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church at McMahan, Texas. The tune book for the weekend was the 2012 Revision of The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book) unless otherwise noted. Chairman Riley Owen called the class to order by leading 49t; Elder Sonny Huckaby led the opening prayer.

Leaders: Riley Owen 30b; Silas Huckaby 418; Kristie Powell 300; Gaylon Powell 142; Seth Howard 148; Beverly Coates 270; Janie Short 505; Scott Curran 200; Jeb Owen 138t; Abby Huckaby 155; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 212; Stuart Ivey 53; Rosie Sokolov 380b; Rick Foreman 31t; Syble Adams and Jeb Owen 367; Don Ross 373; Owen Stoddard 298; Keyleigh Moseley 558; Jessica Bellaire 183; Hoss Curran 319; Hayden and Brooke Wootten 47b; Ainsley Ross 63.


Leaders: Riley Owen 58; Mike Moseley 464; Eva Streibeck 551; Karen Ivey 182; Anita Landess 379; Nancy Price 81; Daniel Williams 394; Karen Rollins 171; Meredith Ivey 425; Marty Wootten 442t; Elizabeth Stoddard 482; Shana Wenger 210; Kerry Cullinan 268b; Abigail Curran 571; Richard Ivey 176t; Donna McKay 108b; William Price 268t; David Ivey and Syble Adams 410; Chelsea Miller 40; Jamey Wootten 48b; Robert Stoddard 567; Scott Ivey 380t. A business meeting was called. The following were elected to serve in the upcoming year: Chairman--Silas Huckaby; Vice Chairman--Jeb Owen; Secretary--Gaylon and Kristie Powell. Dismissed for lunch, Seth Howard asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Leaders: Silas Huckaby 411; Mike Hinton 478; Ellee Curran 196; Vivian and Meredith Ivey 45t; Ryan Ross 198; Priscilla Wiggins 47t; Garrett Powell 494b; Timothy Gaskell 125; Findley Ross 282; Olivia Powell and Kris Wiggins 235; Diane Ross 132; Greg Freed 563; Ellen Ray 486; Linda Booker 229; Catherine Rogan 192; Lauren Owen 39; Vivian Rogan 559; Tom Owen 133. Silas Huckaby appointed Scott Curran and Tom Owen to serve on the Memorial Committee.


Leaders: Jeb Owen 101t; Zach Rogan 384; Michele Curran 224; Amanda and Addison Bowles 572; Gary Rogan 168; Riley Owen 74b; Tammy Powell 137; Rosie Sokolov 38t; Jessica Bellaire 59; Hayden and Marty Wootten 330t; Vivian and Meredith Ivey 146; Joy Simon 239; Shana Wenger 269; Owen Stoddard 129; Eva Streibeck 112. After announcements were made, Silas Huckaby led 406 for the closing song. Closing prayer was led by Elder Mike Moseley.

After the close of Saturday's singing, a memorial service was held for Cheryl Foreman with burial at Jeffrey Cemetery.

Sunday, April 30

The Sunday session of the convention began with Silas Huckaby leading 68b. The morning prayer was led by Gary Rogan. Leaders: Silas Huckaby 179; Kristie Powell 514; Gaylon Powell 374; Sarah Huckaby 522; Michele Curran 356; Charles Whitmer 344; Chelsea Miller 122; Greg Bowles 558; Ainsley Ross 540; Ellen Ray 546; Vivian Rogan 96; Rick Foreman 243b; Priscilla Wiggins 365; Beverly Coates 520; Linda Booker 32t; Ellee Curran 421; Anita Landess 484; Meredith and Vivian Ivey 146; William Price 31b; Richard Ivey 590; Kerry Cullinan 500; Elizabeth Stoddard 150; Karen Rollins 38t.


Leaders: Silas Huckaby 68t; Gary Rogan 511b; Abigail Curran 75; David Ivey 465; Robert Stoddard 375; Jamey Wootten 140; Nancy Price 41; Daniel Williams 332; Syble Adams, Tom Owen, and Sonny Huckaby 47b.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Scott Curran made some comments concerning the sick and shut-ins and read the list of names: Virginia Glass, Baby Caroline Wootten, Betty Bayliss, Pat Callahan, Leon Ballinger, Kevin Powell, Weston Bowles, Ruth Anne Bryant, and Coronne Bryant. He led 60 in their honor.

Tom Owen made some comments concerning the deceased and read the list of names: Flora Adams, Cheryl Foreman, Charlotte Powell, Sue Batson, Curtis Jones, Howard Aiken, Beverly Nelms--Texas; Marlon Wootten, Claudene Townson, Norma Green--Alabama; Philip Denney--Georgia; Rob Taylor--Maine; Lydia Lewellen--North Carolina; Dean Coppage—Oregon; Pete Sutherland--Vermont. He led 285t; in their memory. Memorial lesson closed with prayer by Scott Ivey.

Leaders: Zach Rogan 406; Mike Hinton 544; Marty Wootten 99; Rosie Sokolov 400; Scott Ivey 450; Shana Wegner 207t; Hayden and Brooke Wootten 395b; Owen Stoddard 272; Jessica Bellaire 207b; Kris Wiggins 507t; Findley Ross 276b; Lauren Owen 282. Dismissed for lunch, Marty Wootten asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Leaders: Silas Huckaby 277; Ryan Ross 402; Abby Huckaby 203; Diane Ross 434; Hoss Curran 388; Riley Owen 331b; Don Ross 591; Catherine Rogan 463; Scott Curran 299; Tom Owen 217; Tammy Powell 553; Jeb Owen 422b; Elizabeth Stoddard 423; Jamey Wootten 398b; William Price 54t; Anita Landess 575; Kerry Cullinan 587; Robert Stoddard 199; Scott Ivey, Marty Wootten, Jamey Wootten, and Hayden Wootten 535t, 98; Nancy Price 31t; Syble Adams 505; Daniel Williams and Syble Adams 336t; Jessica Bellaire 36b; Shana Wegner 30t; Rosie Sokolov 444t; Owen Stoddard 27; Ainsley Ross, Riley Owen, Silas Huckaby, Findley Ross, Lauren Ross, and Abby Huckaby 543. Silas Huckaby, Jeb Owen, Kristie Powell, and Gaylon Powell led "Blissful Hope" (no. 6 from The Good Old Songs). Elder Jeb Owen led the closing prayer.

Chairman-- Silas Huckaby; Vice Chairman--Jeb Owen; Secretary--Gaylon and Kristie Powell

Last Revised 5/8/2023