Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing
George W Truett Theological Seminary, Waco, Texas
Saturday, February 11, 2023

The 20th annual Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Great Hall of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas. Dr. Stuart Ivey gave a few introductory remarks about Sacred Harp and taught a singing school prior to the start of the singing. Dr. David Music then welcomed the class and called the class together leading 99. Dr. Randal Bradley led the opening prayer. Leaders: Diane Ross 209; Jerry Ryan 145; Robert Vaughn 47b; Kristie Powell 53; Dr. Gayle Avant 72b; Dr. Matthew Laube 277; LuAnn Thomas 35; Dr. Randal Bradley and Taylor White 354; Donald Ross 475; Abby Huckaby 442; Gaylon Powell 361; Sarah Huckaby 39t; Emily Brown 455; Janie Short 288; Dr. Ivy Hauser 80t; Elizabeth Laube 178; Davis Lunsford 276; Beverly Coates 313b; Joseph Sterer 63; Chelse Miller 107.


Leaders: Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 212; Donald Ross 56t; Kevin Frankie 518; Tammy Powell 454; Drew Jackson 128; Derick Estale, Dr. Maria Monterio and Diane Ross 81t; Joseph Sterer 122; Dr. Stuart Ivey 20b; Chris Nicholson 30t; Andrew Brinkerhoff 148; Tyler White 105; Kevin Krankie 336; Beverly Coates 472; Dr. Matthew Laube 350; Davis Lunsford 49t; Tammy Powell and Abby Huckaby 475; Saul Winebrenner 59. Announcements were made and Dr. David Music offered grace prior to the meal.


Dr. Stuart Ivey brought the class back together leading 37. Leaders: Sarah Huckaby 376; Dr. Ivy Hauser 142; Gaylon Powell 380; Emily Brown 532; Elizabeth Laube 481; Robert Vaughn 445b; Alan Hollinger 68; Janie Short 480; Logan Moore 45t; Chelse Miller 504; Revina Karani 312b; Kyle Hearne 38b; Sylvia Jones 496.


Donald Ross brought the class back together leading 183. Leaders: Kevin Frankie 355; Drew Jackson 457; Dr.Stuart Ivey and Vivian Ivey 146; Tyler White 147b; Dr. Randal Bradley 58; Gaylon Powell 155; Kristie Powell 33b; Georges Sankary 274t. Dr. Stuart Ivey closed the singing leading 62. Dr. Maria Monteiro led the closing prayer.

Chairman--Dr. David Music; Secretary--Diane Ross

Last Revised 5/8/2023