Southwest Texas Convention

McMahan, Texas
March 30-31, 2002

Pictures were taken by Tom Mitchell
(Click a picture to see a larger view.)

Pete Baker

Josh Rogan, James Moseley, Heather Cannon, unknown, Jacque Brown, Katie Moseley, and Josh Brown

The Climbing Tree

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church where this singing is held the first 5th Sunday weekend of the spring

Lori Rodgers and daughter, Ashley

Tom Owen is grilling for the Saturday evening social. Jeb Owen is looking over his dad’s shoulder to make sure he is doing it right.

Scott Curran and Jeb Owen into a little horseplay at the Saturday evening social.

Saturday evening social—singing out of the Harp of Ages: Jenny Willard (MN), Matt Wells (MN), Amanda Owen, Gladys Hanson, Keith Willard (MN), Vivian Rogan, and Tom Owen

Saturday evening social—singing out of the Harp of Ages: Josh Brown, Heather Cannon, Katie Moseley, Anne Milner, Mike Moseley, Billy Huckaby, Amanda Blevins, Seth Howard, and Olivia Powell

John Baker

Martha Aiken and granddaughter, Jessie Simon

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